About NLB


My name is Nona Lynn Barker, and I am a high school ELA Teacher/Librarian in Rocky Mountain House, AB, Canada. Blog4iTech is my learning log, a course requirement for “EdTech 541: Integrating Technology into the Classroom Curriculum” and EdTech 501: Introduction to Educational Technology. Currently, I am a graduate student at Boise State University where I am working on a MET degree.

I have taught for over 21 years, but this year I thought I would try something new. Recently, the Learning Resources Department at Red Deer College hired me as the Library Manager for the Confluence Campus Library in Rocky. This library serves two schools: St. Dominic High School (Red Deer Catholic School District) and West Central High School (Wild Rose School Division). Who knows where this road leads … but I am open to the journey.

When I left high school, our grad class donated two Apple IIe computers to our school. They were the first computers to enter the building. However, I learned how to “word process” on an electric typewriter. Today I use an iPad, a laptop and a desktop computer. (Let’s not forget the smartphone I own as well!) If someone had told me that we would actually be able to hold a computer in the palm of our hands, I would have thought that person was crazy!

We have come far … and I am curious to see where we go from here.

As a teacher, I cannot imagine a world without technology. To me, education and technology are made for each other, and I am glad I am part of their eternal dance.


2 thoughts on “About NLB”

  1. Hi, Nona. I like the name you chose for your “About Me” page. I also like the theme you selected and the fact that it has been defluffed so it is nice and clean. The slideshare photo set is a nice bit.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Lance. I really appreciate it. I liked how clean your site looks. I thought about removing my twitter / delicious feeds. I still might. I did test drive the RSS feeds since we are exploring those this week.

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