Personal Introduction Image

Personal Introduction Image

You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.    (The Matrix, 1999)

After finishing this, I showed the graphic to the bitter half and he said, “it looks like something an English major would do.” Being an English teacher (turned librarian), I will take that as a compliment even though it definitely wasn’t intended as one. The rotter!  FYI:  He’s a math teacher, what does he know. Right?!

 Each image in the graphic represents something important in my world. The mechanical hand holding the earth shows how technology always lends a helping hand. Clearly, I cannot imagine teaching or learning without technology! Thoughtfulness and reflection are essential skills, and I want all of my students to hone these abilities hence the image of The Thinker. The written word (or processed), as represented by the Roman statue holding the stylus, shares my love of writing. Godzilla plotting to destroy Japan illustrates my playful side (and my love of Sci-Fi) when I teach. He is also our library mascot. (No one can resist him!) Shakespeare, the consummate storyteller, whose ability to invent words and build intriguing worlds is a real inspiration. I always tell my students that Shakespeare and Hockey Night in Canada taught me everything I need to know about human nature! The compass is my camera shy partner. Thanks to him I have seen more of the world than I ever thought I would. Our motto: we work to travel. If we could combine our love of teaching and travelling, our dream job would exist!

 Colour is limited to reds and blues (the pills) which reflect both reality and illusion, and the power of choice. All choices take us somewhere – whether we want to go there or not. The Matrix references highlight my love of philosophy and journeys, both physical and metaphysical. The “L” signifies one of my favourite Latin sayings: Fiat lux or Let there be light. The statue holding the stylus is in colour as it symbolizes a dream that hasn’t become a reality yet.  Someday … I will be a professional storyteller … and show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

NB: Images included here follow Creative Commons guidelines (to use and to share). The “Writing Sunset Roma Italy” is by gnuckx.