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Face to Face Field Trip

As I read over the options for the “Networking Project”, my initial reaction was: how boring. You guessed it: I am one of those people, the ones who do not care how the “net” works as long as it works.

After meeting with our school IT Specialist and the Network Architect, however, my entire attitude changed! The face to face trip taught me not only to appreciate the network and what it takes to run it– it also taught me to be grateful for the talented individuals who have dedicated their lives to making a network run. Their job is as important as ours.

I also have to add that I really enjoyed using VoiceThread. This was the first time I have actually used it myself. It is a great tool. Using PowerPoint first, I put the “visual” presentation together. Then I saved the project as a pdf (Why, you ask? Because I learned that a PowerPoint presentation looks better on VoiceThread if you upload it as a pdf instead of a pptx,) and uploaded it (this was a seamless and stress free process). All I had to do was “narrate” the slides. This part was a little awkward for me because I didn’t feel like I was talking to a real audience. Eventually, I got over the awkwardness though.


FYI: If the above link does not work, please visit my EdTech 541 Final Project website as the project did “embed” there. Click here.

P.S. Does anyone know how to embed a VoiceThread presentation on WordPress? Vodpod is not an option any more.