The introduction video assignment had us explore three different questions, and that was the best part of the assignment for me because I like to express myself through writing. Obviously the most enjoyable part for me was writing the script. Ironically, the medium used, GoAnimate, encouraged this — I didn’t have a script to start with! When I began I wasn’t sure how I would express myself using the application, so I came up with the “interview” idea and script to get the job done.

The other aspect I enjoyed was creating a virtual “me” and a virtual “bitter half”. I think I captured our personalities despite the limitations of the program. Students would enjoy creating virtual “selves” as well.

GoAnimate had its challenges though. The program “crashed” a few times — which made it very frustrating to use. Sometimes “free” isn’t always better! Unlike my classmate, I could not get the mike feature to work and had to use the robo voices. Yet, I just completed a VoiceThread project using their mike feature and it worked like a dream. This reaffirms the fact that technology is great when it works, but not so much when it doesn’t. Basically this aspect of the project taught me “perseverance”, and nothing more!